With over 43% of your shots taken on the putting green, it’s an area which needs your attention.  By holing more first putts and avoiding three putting, you’ll turn a good round into a great round; and the first place to look is your pace putting.

Instead of mindlessly hitting a few putts before you go out to play, try this little drill to help get your feel for the pace of the greens, all you need is 4 balls and a putter.

First of all find a relatively flat part of the practice green, you don’t need a target for this drill.  Taking your normal putting stance, putt the first ball using a putting stroke as long back as your back foot and as far through as your front foot.  Repeat this for all 4 balls, keeping the same rhythm for each stroke.  Count how many paces it takes to reach the balls and hey presto you’ve now got a measured distance for a known length of swing.  Now all you need to do is add a little bit more or less length to your swing to match the length of putt you’re faced with on the course. 

To develop your ‘feel’ further when you’re practising, before looking to see how far the ball has travelled, have a guess!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you develop your ‘feel’ for distance.


One of the biggest mistakes I see golfers making when setting up to hit a chip shot, is to have the ball positioned too far back in the stance with their hands and weight too far forward.  This set up encourages the club to come down into the ball too steeply with very little loft, leading to inconsistent shots which tend to either go flying across the green or chunked a few feet forwards.

Instead, try positioning the ball just in front of the middle of your stance with the hands just in front of the ball, having a feeling of level shoulders will help with this, and 65% - 70% weight on the front foot.  This will help lead to a more consistent amount of loft on the club and a shallower angle of attack, which will help stop the club from digging into the ground – the result a softer landing chip shot that will gently roll out.